.NET Core Linux Cloud for Apps

Just build and deploy the app. We take care of everything else. Only pay for what you use.

  • Dedicated AWS or Vultr server
  • MariaDB or SQLLite database
  • RabbitMQ queue
  • Private Git repository
  • Docker container based modules
  • Queryable metrics and logs
  • Develop in teams
  • Automated backups
  • External security auditor
  • Slack Integration
  • Clone and debug on desktop
  • iOS and Android support
  • Cross platform tools
  • Web, Api or Websocket apps
  • Free auto renewed SSL

The Backend for Apps

API Gateway

Call the API Gateway microservices over Web, iOS or Andriod clients.
API Gateway

Websocket server

Perform two-way communications from the backend to all the frontends.
Websocket server

Design and develop your REST API using the Backend for Frontend pattern to process and save the results in the backend database.

Each BFF microservice is an independent process that implement a single organization capability. It is developed using ASP.NET Core C# programming language running on Linux.

Use any kind of frontend mobile or web based technology to access the BFF over the REST API.

In addition, a .NET Core Websock Gateway and a standard MVC Web frontend is provided to access each BFF Microservice as well.

Combine BFF microservice with MariaDB Database for easy ASP.NET hosting on Linux. This will allow you to build sites using the .NET Framework with open source tools you love.

The BFF is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Vultr instances.

The Gateway

The BFF Microservice

A dedicated VM with a managed database and queue server built-in for managing data.
The Services

The Metrics

Query performance metrics and application logs stored as structured data with SQL.
The Metrics

A MySQL compatible MariaDB database for storage and a RabbitMQ queue server for inter service communications are installed on the BFF. The smallest instance in the range only supports a Sqlite database.

The Backend for Frontend is configured and setup using a secure proxy server leaving you to focus on the application.

The BFF provides easy access to logs and metrics. The data are stored in structured storage queryable remotely over SQL with the Nest API.

The logs can are queried using time, the service and keywords. Furthermore, metrics such as CPU load, memory use and disk space along with many other indexes are provided for checking the health of the backend.

The Git repository is already setup and configured to track code changes by each individual component.

Free letsencrypt SSL are generated and renewed for each domain. You may use your custom SSL if you prefer.

Development and Testing

Team Development

Develop in teams with member permissions, tailored devkits and notifications.
Team Development

Staging Environment

C# .NET Framework app development, testing and staging environment right on the desktop.
Staging Environment

The Backend for Frontend is configured declaratively using the free deploy tool.

The tool enables the project owner invite people to join the team, setup permissions and integrate the BFF with Slack.

Each developer is able to request a DevKit once the configuration is deployed. The DevKit is tailored for the user with their own SSH key for secure access.

The Devkit is then used to develop and test the solution.

The setup process clones the production environment for local development.

A plugin for Visual Studio Code enables local desktop development and testing including push/pull of code and data from the BFF.


Automated Backups

Two consecutive automated system backups are always maintained.
Automated Backups


Monitor user access by an external auditor process.

The platform makes a complete backup of the Gateway at an hour specified. Two consecutive backups are maintained and on-demand backups can be performed at any time.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Australian Notifiable Data Breaches scheme requires certain organizations to notify users if data has been compromised.

An external audit process tracks all user access to the BFF. This ensures integrity of audit data is maintained even if the system is compromised.


Checkout how the front and back ends work and how you may deploy them.


I recently started building and app using nest.yt solutions and they are spot on and easy to use. The sales services and help I receive from there staff are exceptional.
Well done.
- David Fernando