ASP Net Hosting

Build a simple website with ASP.Net Hosting. A demonstration how to get started follows.

Website Configuration

Next, configure and deploy the website using the deployment tool.

The ASP.Net Hosting server includes MariaDB (MySQL) as well as other services that will help in hosting a website.

The platform provides an easy way to upgrade when new versions of the .NET Framework are released. Simply deploy the configuration with the new version of the framework to upgrade to the latest environment. Although you may need to change the code to work with the latest changes. If that is the case the website will not appear after deployment.

Static IP and free SSL

The platform provides a dedicated ASP.Net Hosting service with its own static IP address. A secure domain with SSL is generated by default. You may add your own custom domain and attach a custom certificate. An automatically renewing free certificate can also be attached if you prefer.

This demonstrates how to deploy a simple website.

Manage a Team

The platform makes it easy to manage a team. The solution owner invites a member by their email. The member can then join the team the invitation is active.

The owner sets the permissions when a new member is invited. The owner can remove the member or the member is able to voluntarily leave the team anytime afterwards.

It makes things easy for project managers to employ temporary contractors to fix issues with the site and allow access only when the work is performed.

Dot Net Development

The developers can request a DevKit to begin developing the website. Each developer can download and clone the site on their desktop to update the site. Once the work is complete simply push the assets to the site and check in the code to the Git repository provided.

The following demo shows how to develop a sample API Gateway. The steps required to develop a website is almost the same.

Further Information