Amazon Web Services (AWS) based instances

TierCPUMemoryDriveBandwidthDevelopersCost (US$)
Redbud 11512 MB20 GB (SSD)1024 MB3$19 / month
Redbud 211024 MB30 GB (SSD)2048 MB5$37/ month
Redbud 312048 MB40 GB (SSD)3072 MB8$70 / month
Redbud 423072 MB60 GB (SSD)4096 MB13$138 / month
Redbud 528192 MB80 GB (SSD)5120 MB25$269 / month

Vultr based instances

TierCPUMemoryDriveBandwidthDevelopersCost (US$)
Oak 111024 MB25 GB (SSD)1024 MB3$19 / month
Oak 212048 MB40 GB (SSD)2048 MB5$38 / month
Oak 324096 MB60 GB (SSD)3072 MB8$77 / month
Oak 448192 MB100 GB (SSD)4096 MB13$154 / month
Oak 5616384 MB200 GB (SSD)5120 MB25$307 / month
Oak 6832768 MB300 GB (SSD)6144 MB38$614 / month
Oak 71665536 MB400 GB (SSD)10240 MB50$1229 / month
Oak 82498304 MB800 GB (SSD)15360 MB100$2458 / month

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