A Backend for your frontend

Looking for a backend to support an app or a website?

We have the perfect solution for you. It is a .NET Core Linux server with the required infrastructure and services to support the backend of your application.

PaaS Services

It's a bespoke backend that will make things much simpler, save on time and costs of maintaining a server.

A Dedicated Server

We use first class infrastructure sourced from either Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Vultr. Take advantage of reliable data centre where your data can be safe and secure.

MariaDB Database

A fast dedicated MariaDB server managed by us to support your API, Websocket or a Webserver backend.

RabbitMQ Queue

A dedicated RabbitMQ server is installed and managed for your application for offline message handling.


Develop app modules in horizontally and vertically scaled microservices. Easily upgrade .NET runtime versions by re-deploying.

Git Repo

A dedicated private repository to manage your source code. Manage untracked assets independently.

Metrics and Logs

Query app performance data and application logs remotely. Use structured queries to filter data.

Team Development

Develop in teams with source code tracked by member. Easily add and removed team members.

Slack Integration

Integration of Slack with the application. Get notified of app events and collaborate with members.

Desktop Development

Clone the app on the desktop for local debug and testing. Push to CI/CD pipeline to deploy on the remote server.

How to ..


I recently started building and app using nest.yt solutions and they are spot on and easy to use. The sales services and help I receive from there staff are exceptional. Well done.

- David Fernando

Take a test drive

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Create an AWS Tier 2 App. Deploy using the discount code 'trial-aws'.
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